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If you are a builder or developer looking for financing or technology that supports your business, CoFi has you covered.

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Secure the best financing that is seamlessly streamlined to the job site.

A simpler lending process means you can spend less time on the phone with your lender and more time building.                    1172 W 700 N Ste 100  |  Lindon, UT 84042                    435-557-0412                    © 2022 CoFi, All Rights Reserved

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The Way Construction Finance Should Be.

CoFi is the only construction loan marketplace with lenders that specialize in acquisition, development, and vertical construction.

Streamline the loan approval and draw process, enabling builders to get paid faster. 

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Customized Construction Loans

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Find a loan to match your construction timeline at the lowest rate based on your history and project.

Get access to a nationwide marketplace of partner lenders that understand the nuances of construction.

Tailor your loan terms to find the optimal LTV, interest rate, and down payment for your project.

No more waiting on your lender to fund your draw requests. Get paid on time every time. 

1172 W 700 N Ste 100  |  Lindon, UT 84042 


© 2022 CoFi, All Rights Reserved